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Bailey's Take on Pirate Sports


From the Anchor Desk
Tuesday, August 13, 2002
By Brian Bailey
Sports Anchor of WNCT-TV 9


Maturity not a concern for new Pirate signal caller


Garrard influence shows in Troth...
Special teams show flare for big plays...
Eastern Carolina products hook up...
Paul Troth Audio
Bonesville's staff was out in force at East Carolina's annual football media day. In addition to Brian Bailey and Al Myatt, reporter and columnist Denny O'Brien was on hand with his miniature digital Internet radio studio. Among the audio features O'Brien captured was a very candid one-on-one interview with Pirate quarterback Paul Troth...
Listen to the 6-minute interview...

One of the nicest young men that I have had a chance to interview will take over as East Carolina's quarterback in 2002.

Paul Troth has yet to make an impression on the field, but it won’t be long. Troth handles the media very well, especially considering that he is just a sophomore.

He is much like David Garrard in his politeness. “Yes sir” and “no sir” are automatics, just like with Garrard.

“The one thing that I really learned watching David,” Troth told me, “is that as a quarterback you have to keep it on an even keel. One minute, you are the greatest quarterback in the world, and the next, well you’re struggling. David always tried to keep it even.”

Troth got his first real team work at the Monday afternoon scrimmage. Those scrimmages are closed to the media and the public, but we do know that Troth threw 23 passes in this first real work, completing 9 for 136 yards. Troth also threw a 55-yard completion to senior receiver Torey Morris.

Troth knows whom to hang close to both on and off the field. Two of the Pirate offensive linemen are his roommates. Troth also says he’s pretty close to his offensive weapons as well.

“This is a very close team. Anytime we go bowling or something, there’s always a bunch of the guys on offense together,” Troth said.

Let’s just hope that Troth and the boys can take us all bowling this year, as in a bowl game to end the season!

Special teams shine in first scrimmage

The East Carolina special teams had one of their best ever showings in a scrimmage in that first real workout.

Punter Jarad Preston had a 76-yard punt on his first kick. Preston was the nation’s 12th ranked punter last year, and he should move up this season.

Senior Richard Alston had a 60-yard punt return for a touchdown. The only problem with that is that you have to wonder if it was a great play by the punt return team — or does the ECU punt team need some work?

Senior kicker Kevin Miller also booted a 44-yard field goal.

Down East recruits hook up in scrimmage

As a fan of high school football in Eastern North Carolina, I was thrilled to read that former J.H. Rose star Kort Shankweiler found former Williamston star Kevin Roach on a 53-yard pass play for a touchdown late in the scrimmage.

Roach has all the tools to become a “Larry Shannon” type of receiver in the ECU arsenal. Or, if Roach picks up some more muscle, he could become the next great tight end in the ECU offense.

Shankweiler, James Pinkney and Sakeen Wright all saw some snaps in the scrimmage. Troth and sophomore Desmond Robinson took the most snaps, as expected.

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