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Bailey's Take on Pirate Sports

From the Anchor Desk
Wednesday, June 23, 2004
By Brian Bailey

Plodding along during snail days


You've heard of the dog days of summer. Well, these are the snail days of summer.

Isnít it amazing how quickly we all go from the hustle, bustle and excitement of a possible trip to Omaha, to the stillness of a lazy summer afternoon?

After weeks of analyzing, predicting, debating and following East Carolinaís best-ever baseball team, we are all left with a week of the College World Series on television.

Not that the Pirates couldnít have competed in this event. Quite the contrary! Texas may be a bit better then the rest of the pack, but I would like the Pirates chances against most of the rest of the field.

At this level, though, all the teams have wonderful talent.

Speaking of talent, ECU coach Randy Mazey will be looking for some, after six of the seven Pirates that were drafted signed Major League contracts.

The seventh will most likely be Darryl Lawhorn, who will negotiate with the Diamondbacks after he rehabilitates a leg injury that sent him to the dugout during the postseason.

Itching for kickoff

Football season just canít get here fast enough. The summer sports scene in a college town makes for a long couple of months.

Baseball was a blur. Football will go quickly. But the time in between is way too long.

Maybe the NCAA should follow the advice of ECU Hall of Famer and former head baseball coach Keith LeClair and act on a proposal it is currently studying that would move the baseball season back a couple of weeks. That would help the northern teams get in more games, and it would certainly make the summer go that much more quickly.

Fantasy camp coming

If youíve still got that urge to put on the football pads, the Pirates have the perfect venue coming in August.

Itís the first ECU Menís Fantasy Football Camp. The one-day clinic will be held Friday, August 6th. The cost is $125 for a full day of field instruction, video breakdowns, offensive and defensive discussions and recruiting. All campers get a T-shirt, shorts and various other ECU items.

The women of the Pirate nation are also invited out the night before the Fantasy Camp for a special clinic that costs just $40. The ladies also get a camp T-shirt and other ECU items for attending.

Itís a great way to kick off summer practice at East Carolina.

Who knows, you might have some eligibility leftÖ.

Anyone interested in attending either the fantasy camp or women's clinic should contact the ECU Football Office at (252) 328-4570.

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