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From the Anchor Desk
Tuesday, August 1, 2006
By Brian Bailey

Annual pigskin rituals about to kick in


The calendar turns to the eighth month of the year today. Itís August, and August is a football month.

Sure, we are still over a month away from the first game, but August gives us football. The team arrives, moves in, practices, then scrimmages.

August is a month of preparation. Itís a time to gear up, to get ready.

At East Carolina, it all starts this Thursday. Thatís when the players report to campus.

Greenville is a college town, and when the students are gone, the city just doesnít have the same life.

The playerís arrival is the start of the student bodyís transgression back to G-Vegas.

That first day is usually a day for players to get acclimated to campus before the start of practice. Itís also a day usually reserved for physical fitness tests and plenty of team meetings.

Friday is the first day of practice, and the Pirates are scheduled to go for almost three hours. It will be hot, but this current heat wave is not expected to go through the weekend.

Media Day is set for Saturday. Iíve never understood how a team can practice one day, and then meet the media, but thatís how it has always been.

I guess itís just a matter of slipping on the new jersey, and answering questions based on hopes and expectations more then anything.

Iíve always thought that media day should be held about two weeks before the start of the regular season. If you hold media day later, then many of the questions will have definitive answers.

Itís a busy time, though, for coaches and players, so most schools hold their own media days early in the summer as well.

New Uniís

Coach Skip Holtz showed off the Pirates' new Nike uniforms at Holtzís second annual womenís clinic this weekend.

The media wasnít allowed to take pictures, but photos were on the Internet later that afternoon.

Itís funny, but EVERYBODY has an opinion on uniforms.

I like the white uniforms, and I think they will look good with the white pants with the purple stripe.

The purple ones are pretty basic, but Iím old school enough to know that basic is much better than other uniforms I have seen.

I also like the change on the helmet, to the yellow letters. Iíve never understood why a team would wear the outline of letters, as was the case in the former helmet decal.

The new yellow letters are much easier to see, though I still like the ďBill LewisĒ era helmets better.

Regardless, this yearís uniform looks much better then the JT ďhighlighterĒ yellow uniforms that East Carolina wore against North Carolina State a couple of years ago.

Uniforms are important, but I get the feeling that all will be well if the Pirates wear purple polka dots as long as they are getting the football into the end zone.

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