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Insights and Observations

Henry's Highlights
Thursday, September 4, 2003

By Henry Hinton
Broadcaster & Owner of Greenville Cable 7

'Exhibit A' hard to brush off by BCS defenders


True story.  A close friend of mine who lives in the Triangle area called me on Tuesday.  This guy is a huge sports fan.  So huge, indeed, that he bought season tickets this year to not only East Carolina games, but to North Carolina and Duke as well.  He joked that his favorite team is the Pirates becauseÖ you guessed itÖ they scored.

Not so funny really for suffering Pirate faithful, but is there something instructive here?  Has N.C. State jumped that far in front of everyone within shouting distance?

Another thing jumps out at me about this past weekend:  When did a college football weekend go by when both Southern Miss and ECU didnít score a touchdown?

HmmmmÖ. makes you wonder doesnít it?

With all of this Bowl Championship Series talk, one has to wonder if the gap has widened again?  I canít explain what happened to UNC and Duke, both of which had expected vast improvement this year.  With regard to the Pirates and the Golden Eagles, however, you have to believe there is something to this BCS theory.

Here are the two former Conference USA powerhouses on their respective butts with regard to offense (and maybe defense?).

When N.C. State recruiters walk into a high school home to sell their soap they are undoubtedly telling the BCS story.  The Pirates simply have to find their way into the mix or the future isnít that bright.  Donít shoot the messenger.  Itís just plain truth.

The BCS cartel is so blatantly unfair to C-USA schools that in any other environment (take business for instance) it would be considered an anti-trust violation of the worst kind.  Why arenít there lawsuits flying throughout the land?  Give it to Tulane Chancellor Scott Cowen ó at least heís trying to carry the water and get something going.

In a lawsuit of any kind a good lawyer will uncover the strongest evidence he can muster to present his case. I suggest the game tape from the ECU-Cincinnati game be made available as Exhibit A.  Then, swear in the N.C. State coaching staff and ask them under oath if they have used the BCS to recruit against the Pirates.

Thatís my best way of explaining what happened Monday at Nippert Stadium.  As for UNC and DukeÖ.. you guys are on your own.

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