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07.21.05: Cal, AF, road trip to Memphis on Vols' 2006 slate ... Mississippi Valley State hires former USM coach
07.20.05: Revamped Big East striving to hold on to respect
07.19.05: Rocky Mountain football rivalry up in the air
07.18.05: 'One-year rule' presents quandary for recruiters
07.17.05: Williams unaware 'graduation gifts' prohibited
07.16.05: Kansas acknowledges violations under Williams
07.15.05: Big 12, Big East divvy up Gator, Sun Bowl spots
07.14.05: South Carolina fesses up to "major" infractions ... Player nabbed for trying to pass funny money
07.13.05: Football player dies after conditioning drills
07.12.05: BCS rolls out new 'human poll' to plug AP void
07.11.05: Arsonist sues school for barring him from team


News Nuggets, 07.22.05
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Compiled from staff reports and electronic dispatches

Big Ten stirs the pot of shifting bowl alliances

The Big Ten's decision to change its postseason lineup is likely to tip several other dominoes as leagues scramble to protect their flanks or improve their lots regarding ties to bowl games.

The Big Ten reached a four-year deal that adds the Insight Bowl in Tempe, AZ, and the Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando, FL, to its list of bowl partners, starting in 2006.

The change is viewed by many observers as an upgrade for the conference, which will drop the Sun Bowl in El Paso, TX, and the Music City Bowl in Nashville, TN, after the upcoming season.

The Big East appears to have dropped a notch in the postseason pecking order with with word last week that it would have a team invited to the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, FL, only two times over the four-year period starting in 2006. The league has sent a team — or its proxy in Notre Dame — to the Gator Bowl each year since 1994.

In the years when it doesn't send a team to the Gator Bowl, the Big East or Notre Dame will fill the Sun Bowl spot being vacated by the Big Ten. The Big East, Notre Dame and the Big 12 have reportedly negotiated an arrangement by which a Sun Bowl bid will be alternated among them over the four-year period starting in 2006, with the Pac-10 annually sending a team to fill the other spot.

The Music City Bowl has not announced a future replacement for the Big Ten in its game, which this year will pit a Big Ten team against a Southeastern Conference team. Some reports have indicated the bowl is having discussions with the Atlantic Coast Conference and the Big East.

The Big Ten also extended its agreement with the Alamo, Outback and Capital One bowls for four more years. It already had signed an eight-year extension with the Rose Bowl through 2013.

``With a heavy concentration of Big Ten alumni in the states of Arizona, California, Florida and Texas, this bowl lineup is a natural fit for the conference and should provide some great matchups on the field,'' Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany said earlier this week.

The Champs Sports Bowl, scheduled for the final week of December, will have the fourth choice of Big Ten schools for two years and the fifth choice the other two years. The Big Ten's opponent for the bowl has yet to be determined.

The Insight Bowl will pit the Big Ten against the Big 12.

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