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Hinton Letter to Readers

Henry Hinton
December 8, 2003

The column I wrote last week regarding the firing of college coaches set off a flurry of communications I never expected. I have now received over 80 emails (including one from Rick Minter’s mother), as well as innumerous personal contacts regarding my column and the information it contained about Steve Logan’s terms of dismissal prohibiting him from going on campus.

That bit of information obviously struck a nerve among readers who were not aware of the clause. Frankly, I did not realize I was actually breaking news. My purpose was simply to compare the fact that other coaches were treated with more respect than Coach Logan was treated in his termination agreement.

The document was public last December and many in the media had copies of it. I actually believe it was reported at that time, so the mention of it in my column was not intended to set off a discussion about it. Perhaps the timing of this particular column served to get the attention of those who were not that interested a year ago.

I think it is extremely important for people to understand that the administration responsible for this unfortunate clause in Logan’s dismissal agreement is no longer employed by the university. I wish that I had stated that in the column but honestly I thought that point was clear.

I realize there are those, like myself, who felt Logan was mistreated and that his removal was more about personalities than win-loss records. However, unlike angry but well-intentioned reader Phil Garvin, who was prompted by my column to submitt a Letter to the Editor putting forward a drastic suggestion, I would never accept the proposition that displeasure should be shown about Logan's treatment by withholding donations to the Pirate Club. That would serve only to hurt the student athletes and programs being funded.

It is probably not necessary for me to write this letter, because I have no doubt that dedicated Pirate Club members who understood the point of my column in the manner it was intended will articulately rebut Mr. Garvin's suggestion with letters to the editor of their own.

That having been said, I want to state my firm position that I do not support the idea of withholding your Pirate Club donations.

Henry Hinton

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