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Thursday, December 18, 2003

By Henry Hinton
Broadcaster & Owner of Greenville Cable 7

Dooley on inevitable path toward another head job


AUDIO: Replay Midweek Tip-Off with Henry Hinton, Mike Steele and guest Joe Dooley: Select clip...

When Joe Dooley was fired as East Carolina’s head basketball coach in 1999, there were many who thought the Pirates had lost a great young coach. Turns out they were probably right.

Dooley’s reputation as a top level assistant in college basketball landed him one of the premier number two jobs in the nation this past spring when he was offered the assistant head coach position at the University of Kansas.

Interestingly, Bill Self, who replaced Roy Williams as head coach at KU, had never worked with Dooley prior to offering him the job. It is customary for someone in the coaching profession who lands one of the plum jobs in America to hire a former associate or someone with whom they have a prior relationship.

In this case, it was Dooley’s image and accomplishments that attracted Self to the former ECU head coach.

“Coach Self had an opening on his staff last year at Illinois,” Dooley said by phone this week. “He had called around and talked to some people and then called me. The timing just wasn’t right because it was October and I had just started at Wyoming.

"But we stayed in touch throughout the year. Then the Kansas thing opened up and he wanted someone to recruit the west coast. The next thing you know he told me to get on the plane and get over here.”

The "over here" Dooley referred to is Lawrence, Kansas, one of a handful of super-elite college basketball towns and home of the hallowed "Phog" Allen Fieldhouse.

Dooley, himself, acknowledges that it was an unusual process.

“Every job I have ever had before this, I was working for someone I had known previously. This was the first time for this but it has been a great experience”, he said.

Getting recruited to be on the staff of one of the top programs in the nation has been the most recent twist of some interesting turns in Dooley’s career.

After three years as East Carolina head coach in which Dooley compiled a 57-52 record he was relieved of his duties by ECU director of athletics Mike Hamrick in the spring of 1999. The controversial decision to relieve Dooley was the first of many by Hamrick.

Dooley is still the only head coach to leave ECU with an overall winning record in the last 45 years. He was not hired by Hamrick. He had been promoted to the head coaching position by Interim AD Henry Van Sant just prior to Hamrick’s arrival at ECU.

Dooley came to East Carolina as an assistant on Eddie Payne’s staff in 1991. He was part of the 1993 staff that led the first Pirate team in 21 years to an NCAA appearance.

Dooley joined Fran Fracshilla’s staff at New Mexico in 1999 and stayed through the 2001-2002 season. Then, last season, Dooley was the top assistant coach for the Wyoming program that went 21-11 and earned a berth in the postseason NIT.

Getting fired from ECU was painful enough for Dooley but as it has turned out, he says, he has few regrets.

“I think time heals everything”, says Dooley. “When I step back and wonder if I would have done some things differently, the answer is yes. It was a very difficult place to win and I was young. Ninety-five per cent of the people there were great to me. If you look back and worry about it you can’t focus on what you need to focus on now.”

These days Dooley has little time to think back and be bitter about the way things turned out for him in Greenville. He still speaks fondly of his days at ECU and reminisces about the times here and the friends he made when he was a Pirate.

In an appearance on Cable 7’s Mid-Week Tip-off Show Wednesday night, Dooley referenced his days coaching and recruiting for ECU. He remembered his days eating in the food court at the Plaza Mall and Bea’s Bar-B-Que.

Dooley was surprised to learn you no longer have to go through Wilson to get to Raleigh from Greenville.

So time has moved on for both Dooley and East Carolina. He also spoke fondly of ECU Coach Bill Herrion and obviously shares compassion for the job Herrion has here. If anyone knows how tough it is to win in basketball at ECU, it is Dooley.

Dooley now enjoys being part of arguably one of the top two or three college basketball programs in the nation at Kansas. Allen Fieldhouse is packed with 16,300 fans for every game and even some practice events.

Getting fired in the coaching business has become just part of the reality of the industry.

Joe Dooley has rebounded from the experience and has positioned himself for another head coaching opportunity in the near future.

Don’t be surprised if his name starts to pop up when good jobs open around the country in the next few years.

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