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Henry's Highlights
Thursday, January 15, 2004

By Henry Hinton
Broadcaster & Owner of Greenville Cable 7

Familiar shows moving to big-signal AM


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In my business, the old saying is: “Once a radio guy, always a radio guy.” I guess it’s true. Sure seems that way in my case. I’ve never really left radio totally, as I keep getting pulled back into it.

Such is the case with my recent adventures in what continues to be a rewarding and interesting career. In early 2003, we sold our last two radio stations, WCZI and WGPM in Greenville.

Part of our deal was a customary non-compete agreement that in our case would last through 2005. The ever evolving radio marketplace and some negotiations changed that in the last thirty days and — all of a sudden — I’m leaving 98.3 FM in Greenville for a new opportunity.

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In December, we entered into discussions about all of that and it produced a new agreement with Beasley Broadcasting to move all of our programming to their powerful 1070 AM here in Greenville, effective February 16th.

None of this changes our existing agreements for our cable television station and our partnership with Cox Communications to air our programs on their cable system in Greenville, Washington, Williamston, Robersonville and areas between.

After more than 10 years on the same talk radio station, we will be moving our afternoon show, Talk of the Town, and our early evening sports programs, including The Brian Bailey Snow and Midweek Tip-Off / Midweek Tailgate shows, to 1070 a.m.

We’re excited about the opportunities to be on the most powerful AM station in eastern North Carolina, but honestly, change always brings some bittersweet emotions. WCZI 98.3 has been my baby since 1989 and there are many terrific memories on board there.

Our new partnership with Beasley will allow us to bring back to Greenville radio some other talk favorites including Don Imus and Bill O’Reilly. We’re also excited about some new shows that have not been aired in the Greenville area including Sean Hannity’s new program which is one of the hottest radio shows in the country right now.

We’re getting bombarded with questions about other programming and the answer is that the line-up is not yet complete. However, our evenings will be filled with the edgy Don and Mike program out of Washington, DC. We’re still debating our mid-morning slot, with G. Gordon Liddy and a few new programs under consideration.

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Be listening in mid-February for the all new Talk 1070, coming to a radio near you.

Like I said, once a radio guy, always a radio guy. You’d think by now I would have had enough. Guess not!

Revered elder 'Voice' ailing

Speaking of that, one of my very good friends in this business and an important member of the Pirate family has hit a bump in the road recently.

Jim Woods, who was the Voice of the Pirates for so many years through the late ‘60s, 70’s and early 80’s has recently been under the weather with some serious problems.

I have many great memories of working with Jim, including some years with him on the Pirate Sports Network and years later at WNCT-TV. I often think about those years with great fondness for a guy who loved doing sports and loved doing play by play for ECU.

No one ever has ever had a better attitude or enjoyed Pirate sports any more than Jim Woods. Our good natured ribbing at one another for the last 25 years has been a fun part of one of my favorite relationships ever in this business.

In an industry full of inflated egos and self-serving agendas, Jim Woods has always been one of the good guys.

Stop for a moment today and say a little prayer for Jim and his terrific wife, Barbara.

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