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From the Anchor Desk
Tuesday, January 25, 2010

By Brian Bailey

Coming soon: Physical makeover for Pirates


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Coming soon: Physical makeover for Pirates
Battle-tested 'drill sergeant' back in town

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By Brian Bailey
All rights reserved.

Jeff Connors helped design the weight room in the Murphy Center at East Carolina.

Now, he has an office there.

Connor inked his deal to return to ECU at the end of last week. He replaces Mike Golden, who left Greenville for Tampa and a reunion with former Pirate coach Skip Holtz.

Connor’s reunion was with the Pirate program.

“I had conversations with a lot of friends and former players,” Connors said on his first day on the job. “I’ve always had an interest in coming back to Greenville for a lot of reasons. My wife and daughter are living in Morehead City, so I’m much closer now.

"There were just a lot of factors that played into this decision.”

Connor’s program appears to be just what ECU coach Ruffin McNeill and offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley are looking for.

McNeill and Riley are always talking about up-tempo practices and work habits. That fits Connors to a tee.

“The players have to get used to the tempo,” said Connors. “They have to get used to the fact that we lift weights quite a bit longer than the last regime. This is different, because we have a two-hour block where we are working high tempo the entire time.”

The work began Monday for Connors, who has already laid out his program to his staff. He returns to East Carolina as a man on a mission, and that mission is laid out in front of this Pirate football program.

Connors plans to meet with each player on an individual basis and that begins this week. He’s already made some adjustments to the workouts, and many more are on the way.

“We want to test the players in 12 different areas,” he explained. “We want to give them points from 1-10. We want to standardize those points in relationship to their positions. We want to give them awards when we do our tests.

"We want to give the athletes feedback and give the coaches feedback as to where we are going into the spring and what we need to do this summer to get ready for the fall.”

Coach Connors and I became good friends during his first stint at ECU.
Connors was so confident in his abilities, he took me on as a client. My weight had swelled to close to 270 pounds, and Connors decided to help me get some of it off.

I lost about 45 pounds with Coach Connors but there was still something bugging him.

He didn’t like the fact that no matter how hard we worked, I couldn’t get rid of my double chin, which I’ve had since birth.

He said he would do some research on the matter.

At our next meeting, Connors said I was out of luck, that there was nothing he could do.

“That chin is hereditary,” Connors snickered. “We can only blame your Mom.

We both laughed and then continued to work.

As for this new assignment, Connors concentrates on the several similar ideas.

“The program is based on speed development, power output development, flexibility development and those types of things,” he explained. “There is no question that we are working to have speed, but with speed endurance with a great conditioning foundation behind it.”

And these players don’t have to worry about an extra chin.


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